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Space Capsule Diffuser

Space Capsule Diffuser

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Experience space at home! Immerse yourself in a celestial experience with our extraordinary Space Capsule Diffuser. Breathe fresh and moisturized air, just like an astronaut floating in space. Revolutionize your home or office with this unique and captivating space capsule design.

🚀 Space Capsule Design: Embrace the charm of outer space with our Space Capsule Diffuser's unique and captivating space capsule shape.

🌬️Efficient Diffuser: Keep your air fresh and moisturized with the powerful diffuser capabilities of our astronaut-shaped device.

💡 Color-Changing LED Lights: Enjoy a mesmerizing ambiance with the soothing and color-changing LED lights that add a touch of magic to any room.

📱 User-Friendly Controls: Easily adjust settings and control the diffuser's features with intuitive and convenient controls, making it effortless to create your ideal atmosphere.

🎁Gift Idea: Make someone's day with our Space Capsule Diffuser. It's a gift that combines practicality, creativity, and relaxation, all wrapped up in a space-themed package.

About this Item:

Crafted with high-quality materials, this unique humidifier is built to last and replicate the charm of outer space, making it an eye-catching décor piece that doubles as a functional appliance.

The diffuser features a spacious water tank with the capacity of 220ml (7.44 fluid ounces) and a spray volume of 40ml/h(1.35 fluid ounces/hour). It easily replenishes moisture and creates a comfortable environment in small rooms.

The controls located on the front of the space capsule, allow you to adjust the mist output level and choose between continuous or intermittent mist modes with ease.

It's low noise level of 36-45db and an atomizer frequency of 108Hz, makes it the ideal humidifier to showcase in your living room, bedroom, office or any room. Adding to its allure, our Space Capsule Diffuser is equipped with captivating color-changing LED lights.

What's Included: Space Capsule Diffuser, Cable and Manual, ensuring a quick and easy hassle-free setup.

Product Specifications: 

Size: 110mm x 110mm x 119mm (4.33 inches x 4.33 inches x 4.69 inches)
Weight:  268g (9.45 ounces)    

With its space-themed design, powerful diffuser, and enchanting LED lights, our Space Capsule Diffuser is the perfect blend of functionality and imagination. Unlock a world of relaxation and imaginative charm. Order now and add some comfort, style, and wonder into your daily life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jaquelin Windler

I found this diffuser to be the most unique diffuser I have ever seen! Recommend and I will buy one more!🚀👨‍🚀

Irma Mayer

I love my new space capsule diffuser! Great addition to my desk!!

Talon Zieme

Unique diffuser! Extremely high quality. Works flawlessly! Great decoration for the desk. I love this diffuser.🥰😍🚀🛰️

Alysa Glover

It is so beautiful and functions very well. It is of good quality 🥰

Chaim Ortiz

Very good. I'll be ordering more for my friends!